Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Featherlocks at Studio 162: My New Spring Hair Accessory

The Featherlocks are 6 for $50 and $6 per extra feather.  I have 4 on one side and 2 on the other.
The colors I picked

I highly recommend Studio 162
I had a very full "Mommy" list today.  However, a little shift in plans, and now I have feathers in my hair, which make me quite happy.  I dropped my oldest daughter off at school and took  my youngest to a tea party at her preschool.  Once I ate a couple of yummy scones, made a pretty paper hat and sang at chapel, I was able to change my blue, flowery hat for my fuzzy, charcoal one for running. 
Upon leaving preschool, a quick text to Wendy and we were able to get a short 5 mile run in before I had to pick Ava back up.  It was freezing cold this morning.  My lungs hurt until mile 3 and once we were done, my ears ached.  While on the run, Wendy started talking about these cool feathers her daughter wore in her hair to a dance last weekend.  I remembered seeing pictures on Facebook and how pretty they looked with her dress.  My mind started thinking and thought maybe I need a new, Spring accessory.  So, I made another item on my TO-DO list and scheduled my appt. at  Studio 162

Sweating profusely, I jumped in the car, grabbed Ava and drove home.  I had an hour to make lunch, take a shower and be at the salon.  By the way, Wendy is not only my friend and running buddy, she is also my one and only hair colorist.  She's colored my hair for almost 20 years and really is the BEST at color.    When I ran upstairs to get Ava, she was in her bed watching a movie with of course no shoes.  "GET YOUR SHOES ON, WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!"  Never expect your 5 year old to HURRY.  Plus, Lucy our bassett hound needed  to go outside before we left.  GREAT.  By the time I made it to Studio 162 I was a few minutes late but not too late.  

As you can tell by the pictures, I didn't pick very bold colors.  I wanted something I could match with all my other accessories I wear during the day.  These colors are perfect.  The brightest one is a light aqua color and the rest our white, taupe and brown. 

Featherlocks can be styled many ways.  A beach look with wind blown hair, t-shirt, jeans and some aviator sunglasses would be my choice but also can be dramatic with straightened hair and dressed up for a night out.  Try a pony tail, striped tank, jeans and a wedge for a sporty look.  It's the perfect accessory for a vacation.  Why not try it, they can be washed and even curled with a curling iron. 

I frantically jumped out of my seat once I was done and said thank you to Wendy.  I was headed out again to see my oldest daugther's skit she was going to be in at school.  We made it on time and was actually glad to sit and relax a little.  I did wonder if anyone had noticed my hair while I was watching.  Guess what, a mom sitting behind me tapped my shoulder and said she couldn't stop staring at my cool hair.  She loved it.  Of course, I had a smile on my face as I was leaving.  Unfortunately, the next stop was the grocery store.

What will I wear tomorrow with my fun new feathers?