Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Style tips when traveling to LA in CRAZY HEAT.

Posted by PicasaThe first thing I have to say is OH MY it was hot in LA yesterday.  I do normally check the weather before I leave on buying trips for Willows but it didn't happen this time. 
  • Check the weather report before you travel.
  •  Thank goodness I wore a basic Michael Stars black tank.  Yes, that's me in the taxi cab with hair everywhere.  I always have the windows rolled up because my hair goes WILD but considering it was 80 degrees at 9am.  I had to just let it go. 
  • Next time bring a hair tie. 
  • Whenever I travel I always wear really basic colors of tanks or t-shirts.  Accessories are key to travel.  My list includes sunglasses, scarves, earrings and lots of bracelets.  Yes, the person behind me at airport security isn't happy.  I LOVE animal print because it goes with black or brown.  A no brainer when getting ready at 4am. 
  • Always bring a scarf for the plane.  Even when it's hot outside, the airport is cold and having something around your next is just cozy. 
  • My last tip.  Don't wear a strapless NUBRA when it's 110 degrees.  Actually, don't wear it exercising either.  It will literally slip down and be a very embarrassing moment for you.  Or for me, as it was.  I started sweating early on in the day.  Gosh, it doesn't sound so pretty or stylish to say SWEAT.  But really, it is what it is.  BTW, the Nubra is a wonderful invention and I highly recommend it. 
Over all, my buying trip was fabulous.  There continues to be a ton of military inspired accessories.  I even bought a great multi chain necklace with "little bullets" on it.  What's crazy?  It's really cool and available at Willows.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My LOVE for running and fashion

Yes, that's me on the lovesac.  Getting ready for what I thought was going to be 11 miles and ended up doing 13.  Yippeeee!!!!!!  Love it when I push harder.  I didn't do it alone though.  My friends Wendy and Jenae were there for amazing support.  Both friends are training for Portland Marathon and me, well, trying to push for a PR at the Girlfriend Half Marathon

I do have to say my day wasn't that great.  Lots of worry about family health and just the everyday stresses.  I read some, worked on my blog, tried to write some, read to Ava and finally RAN.  Can I just tell you, nothing beats stress like exercise.   A release of tension and the ability to clear your head.  I'm so blessed to be given the strength and energy to run. 

So, why does this have to do with fashion?  For me it has everything to do with fashion.  Exercise has given me the confidence to do SHOP.STYLE.RUN.  I love buying for Willows, merchandising the store and styling women to look beautiful.

Love yourself entirely.  Let your unique style radiate and empower you to endless possibilities.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pearls are always in STYLE

loving my pearls
a little something extra

Willows was shipped this beautiful, charcoal sweater yesterday.  When I styled the mannequin I wanted to find a certain something to add a little pizazz.  Pearls just looked like the right choice.  Pearls don't have to be prim and proper.  They go with everything.  Of course you don't have to wear them so big.  I'm not a small gal so I can get away with bigger pieces.  Try one strand of medium size pearls with a white t-shirt or gray pearls with a black blouse.  A couple long strands with a camel or brown turtleneck would be very fun.  If you don't like necklaces, try earrings or a big pearl ring. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


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I have to thank Wendy for getting me up and running at 6am.  She was running a 20 miler this morning and I needed to get 9 miles in.  With all the craziness of work, new work, kids and basically just life, I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  Mentally I couldn't get past 6 miles by myself.  Thank goodness for a running buddy.  Last year I ran by myself and was quite content with it.  Then, having to train with someone in order to complete a marathon, I started running with Wendy.  Now running almost seems a little empty without a friend by your side.  My friend Melanie always told me it wouldn't be worth the pain if she didn't have a friend to talk to.  Now I know what she means.   
Have you been to Lululemon?  The greatest store for runners or what ever exercise is your feel good choice.  It's eye candy for me.  The colors, textures, and fit are incredible.  With the music blaring it almost made me want to run again (crazy)!!!  Even if I didn't run or exercise I would still love this store.  The jackets would look great with jeans.  Warning:  it's rather expensive but a wonderful place to buy gifts (hint, hint).
Do you see the pillows?  Not only are these lovely things embellished but they have stud detail on them.  How cool.  West Elm has many stylish accessories for the home. 
So, I spilled my vanilla latte on the table where this boot was.  Clumsy me was trying to take a picture (I asked first because it's always polite).  The sales associate I'm sure was not impressed but at least I told her.  Diesel shoes are not everywhere, I was intrigued by the uniqueness and the silver zipper in back.  I know a few gals that would ROCK these.
All in all it was a nice SHOP STYLE RUN day

Friday, September 17, 2010

Transition into Fall Fashions

My great friend Michelle popped into Willows today for a little visit and to grab my favorite lip gloss ever.  I'm a huge fan of wearing lip gloss, always and forever.  Never a moment when I don't have it on or close by for reapplying.  Just makes me feel better.  Anyway, Willows is now carrying the line so I can just reach around the computer and grab some when I'm out.
I took a picture of Michelle as she was leaving the store because she looked AMAZING.  A perfect choice of color, texture and accessories.  A belt, scarf, earrings (you can't see but trust me they are very pretty), hand bag and boots.  Not overdone one bit.

Here in the Northwest we are savoring the last bit of warm weather.  A sweater is still a little too warm and a t-shirt sometimes doesn't satisfy.  This outfit can easily transition into cold weather with a chunky knit sweater tied with the belt she has on.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Packing for London with only two bags and a carry on for ONE year is kind of impossible.  Especially for Alex who is like me, a LOVER of clothes.   I like to pull solid knits for layering with lots of fun cardigans, jackets and shrugs.  Alex pulled solid scarves to go with all her military looks and her black lace up boots were a must to take to LONDON.  I know she will be beautiful and chic with her tall boots and cardigan sweater tied with a brown metallic belt.  Wish I was going with her.  
SHOES!!!!  Really Alex, 12 pairs of shoes.  Okay, what are you wearing them with?  She eliminated three pairs but we had to add another boot.  The heavy ones go in her carry on and the lighter ones can go in her suitcase.  
We wish Alex the best of luck in LONDON.  Study hard, have fun and don't forget to have a blast.  We will miss you but can't wait to hear about your adventures.  Love you and CHEERS

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raw Edge Must

There's something very STYLISH, COOL and CONFIDENT about the RAW EDGE look. Take a sweater that's sweet and soft, distress the edges of the collar, sleeves and bottom and guess what?  It's now a funky, edgy piece that stands out from the normal sweater.  

Feminine and casual are two styles I LOVE to mix.  So next time you steal your husband or boyfriends sweatshirt, make sure you accessorize with a sassy necklace and apply your favorite lip gloss.  Don't wear baggy on the bottom half.   It will destroy the look. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Running Friend

The RUN in Shop.STYLE.Run is very important because without it, I wouldn't have been inspired to take this adventure. Over a year ago I didn't exercise at all.  I hate to even admit that.  I owe my running addiction to my friends who kick butt running (including barefoot), cycling, completing a half iron man and making exercise videos.  I'm telling you what, now that I think of it, my friends are amazing. 

Now that I run, I know why they do it.  An amazing thing happens when you exercise.  All these happy hormones invade your body.  I even think you become smarter.  Maybe not at first, when you are moaning and groaning from all the pain.   However, eventually your brain opens, and all of these wonderful thoughts come pouring out.  I'm not kidding.  Maybe someone else can elaborate about this phenomenon. 

This entry is for my good friend Wendy.  She kicked my butt this year running.  Always a couple steps ahead, leading me to one of my biggest accomplishments ever, a marathon.  Thanks Wendy, we will always have those memories.  Happy Birthday!!!!!  Love you.


Hmmm.....I have nothing to wear.