Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Races keep me motivated to run.

It took me exactly one week to get my bum moving again after the Girlfriends Half Marathon.  I was pleased with my finish of 2hr7min. and beat my time from last year.  I had the usual high afterwards and then the usual low a week later.  I've been running for about 17 months now and completed 6 races.  It's come to my attention this lack of motivation is becoming a normal thing for me after each race.  I'm hoping it's a normal occurrence for others too.  My next race isn't until next year but wonder if having one planned every month would be a good idea.  Maybe a good motivator to keep on running.  Or, is having all these races giving me anxiety?  Not sure.   Thank goodness Wendy and I ran today.  A perfect sunny day to pass an hour away.   It was a tough run and knew when I started I was going to struggle.  It's funny, I can judge how the run is going to be by the first mile.  I think because Wendy runs faster than me, I was struggling from the start with my lack of oxygen.  By the end I was using one syllable words.  Two cups of coffee shouldn't of been my only pre-run breakfast.  However, I finished and felt so much better.  So, for me it might just take a couple of weeks to get back to normal running.  Although, I may put a small race on the calendar for December.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Belts - From the Runway to Every Day.

The Fall 2010 runways were full of glorious belts.  It was dreamy to see belts wrapped around fur vests, cashmere sweaters and fabulous red dresses. 

The hard part is taking those beautiful looks and applying them in the everyday game of life.  Fur is not always an option, cashmere can be expensive and a red dress is not always practical. 

If you're scared of belts, start with basic pieces underneath.  Stick with neutral tones and buy belts in black, brown, gold and silver.  A basic black dress in your closet can easily be accessorized with a black leather belt.  Wear the belt at the smallest part of your natural waist.  It's very slimming.  I would stick with a 3 inch belt or smaller.  Don't invest in an expensive belt until you get used to wearing them.  I guarantee you can find fun belts for $20.

My top 3 ways to wear belts:

1.  Over/under cardigans or blanket sweaters.  If you're petite, the blanket sweater can be over powering, so add a belt to bring the waist in.  I love, love a cardigan sweater with an embellished medium size belt and a riding boot.   Having the belt under the sweater like it's shown, gives just a little sneak peek at the belt.  Another love of mine.

2.  Over a blazer is just a nice change up.  Sometimes a blazer can be a bit boxy, a  belt can give you more of a waist.  Make sure you choose a belt that's not too wide.  The shorter the length of blazer the skinnier the belt should be.

  3.  A simple dress can be taken up a notch with the right belt.  I like a black dress with a black belt or a brown dress with a brown belt.  Sound easy?  IT IS!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Favorite Fall Accessories for 2010.

Most women wear an accessory and don't even know it.  Yes, the handbag, your wedding ring, a watch and your diamond studs are just a few.  Add a scarf, a multi-pearl/chain necklace, a few bangles, a belt, a hat and what do you have?  For some, a scary mess.  It's enough  to put you over the edge and not want to wear anything at all.  But I assure you, accessories are the icing on the cake.  When a woman is walking down the street with a smart hat, plush scarf, perfect size handbag and sparkling bangles it makes my heart sing.  For me, the clothing doesn't even matter.  Who cares if you have a white t-shirt on from your neighborhood Target store or worn jeans from years ago.  If the accessories are styled right you will look effortlessly chic.  Here's a few of my favorites for Fall.

  1. A solid scarf in a rich berry color matched with a galvanized gray blanket sweater.  Or, a printed scarf with a fitted, v-neck tee(Michael Stars).  Sound easy?  It's very easy and looks great. 
  2. The long necklace with scarf.  Don't be afraid to add and then add some more.  Wrap your scarf once around so it's close to your neck.  The two ends will lay nicely to the side.  Add the long necklace so it will show in between the scarf.  It's very pretty together.  I like to keep a small thin everyday necklace on at all times.  I switch from gold to silver depending on what I'm wearing.  Right now it's a gold, round piece from LF Jewelry designs
  3. A solid fedora hat in black or brown matched with an animal print scarf.  Actually an animal print scarf would be on the top of my list. I've had mine 3 years and still wear it continuously. 
  4. The button earring.  The more times the scarf is wrapped around your neck, the less you want something dangling from your ear.  I've had a few earrings get pushed out due to the scarf being so close.  A small earring is nice and doesn't over power the scarf. 
  5. The over sized ring.  If your fingers are short try not to go too big.
  6. The last favorite.  All of them styled together making one beautiful outfit.  It can be done.

The mannequins at Willows are always styled with the latest accessories.  Customers visualize many creative ways the jewelry can be worn and helps give them ideas.   If you have any questions about accessorizing, don't hesitate to ask.  If you want help shopping and styling your accessories, please give me a call or shoot me an email. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Closet Craze by Shop.STYLE.Run

It is imperative I get to know my client before I style and shop for them.  I feel the best way is through their closet.  I know for some it might be hard to open their closets to a stranger.  There is something kind of hush hush about a dark room that's usually shut.  Normally people do not socialize or show their closets to family or friends.  Although, I know a few women, that could host a party in their beautiful, spacious closet.   I remember one woman saying their closet would need to be cleaned out before I could come over.  I say "No Worries". 

Organization is technically not what I do.  I style your closet.  It doesn't matter if the closet is crazy organized or crazy messy.  I style each equally as well.  In fact, the challenge of a messy closet is almost more fun. 
Now, I will say, for the client who has way too much in their closet, like ten pairs of the same black pant or the same cardigan in several colors, it is important to edit those items out so you can see what you have.  I create and style outfits you already have or style the new items we shop for.  There are many options to choose from.

For first time clients I suggest Closet Craze, which is a 3 hr session to edit and purge your outdated and unflattering items.  This part of the session is a team effort. Be prepared to try on many things.  I need to see how things fit.  As we all know, clothes on a hanger don't always look the same on your body.  We will decide together what goes to charity and what items to consign.

An extra bonus to my service is the clean up.  I will always take your clothes out the door to your choice of charity or consignment store.  I will also set up an account for you at the consignment store.  Depending on what items you take, it can actually make you some good money.  I want this experience to be fun and stress free.

Once things are purged, I style.  This is where the "ahhhh" moment comes in.  The best part of my job.  I love showing clients the different and unique ways to wear an item of clothing or how adding an accessory can bring it from day to night.  I will take pictures of all outfits so you won't forget any details.  Upon completion, I will send the photos to your computer or phone.  One client likes pictures sent to her iphone so they are accessible at a moments notice.  This is also convenient when styling for a trip.     

Closet Craze Session 3 hrs..... $300

One closet I'm currently working on