Monday, April 18, 2011

Pajama Jeans Styled My Way

 A while back I came across PajamaJeans on an infomercial.  I did laugh some because of it's cheesiness but was intrigued with the idea.  At Willows we sell jeggings (jean and legging combo) like most clothing stores right now.  It's a current trend I love.  Anyway, the idea of a woman riding a bike while wearing PajamaJeans cracked me up.   
I do like a challenge and thought why not order a pair and see if I could style them to wear out to dinner with my husband.  I ordered them a month and a half ago and just received them 4 days ago.  I almost forgot about them and was pleasantly surprised when they arrived.  Oh, what to do with them. 
My husband got the privilege of photographing my back side and I did a lot of editing (ha, ha).  The fabric is definitely not your premium denim and as you can see in the second photo it's really not flattering.  I'm almost 5'9'' so the length was a bit too short to wear with heels.  Maybe a nice ballet flat would work better.  
As far as the comfort level, I rate them a 10 for sure.  The fabric stretched nicely and really felt like I could sleep in them.  As the day stretched on, so did the pants.  I would definitely size down.  Sweatpants are what they remind me of.  If you are looking for stylish jeans to dress up, I'm not sure if these are what you're looking for.  My husband was surprised I wore them to dinner (Five Guys).  Oh, I wore them all right, with my favorite Alternative Apparel sweatshirt and Sperry boat shoes.  Yes, PajamaJeans are the perfect pant for going out for a casual dinner or possibly taking a bike ride with the kids.  It's getting late, do I dare wear them to bed? 

Cute pink detail and drawstring waste.

Only $39.95

The perfect outfit for the perfect burger at Five Guys.