Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Running Friend

The RUN in Shop.STYLE.Run is very important because without it, I wouldn't have been inspired to take this adventure. Over a year ago I didn't exercise at all.  I hate to even admit that.  I owe my running addiction to my friends who kick butt running (including barefoot), cycling, completing a half iron man and making exercise videos.  I'm telling you what, now that I think of it, my friends are amazing. 

Now that I run, I know why they do it.  An amazing thing happens when you exercise.  All these happy hormones invade your body.  I even think you become smarter.  Maybe not at first, when you are moaning and groaning from all the pain.   However, eventually your brain opens, and all of these wonderful thoughts come pouring out.  I'm not kidding.  Maybe someone else can elaborate about this phenomenon. 

This entry is for my good friend Wendy.  She kicked my butt this year running.  Always a couple steps ahead, leading me to one of my biggest accomplishments ever, a marathon.  Thanks Wendy, we will always have those memories.  Happy Birthday!!!!!  Love you.

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  1. What perfect words to begin this great journey. One of my favorite parts of having a running buddy is the 60 minute (or sometimes 3 hr.) sanity sessions. It's amazing the clarity that can come from running and sharing your thoughts with a friend. I love hearing the passion in your voice when you talk about Shop Style Run. This is just the beginning of an amazing adventure and I am so thrilled that you are taking me along the journey. Love you friend!