Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Races keep me motivated to run.

It took me exactly one week to get my bum moving again after the Girlfriends Half Marathon.  I was pleased with my finish of 2hr7min. and beat my time from last year.  I had the usual high afterwards and then the usual low a week later.  I've been running for about 17 months now and completed 6 races.  It's come to my attention this lack of motivation is becoming a normal thing for me after each race.  I'm hoping it's a normal occurrence for others too.  My next race isn't until next year but wonder if having one planned every month would be a good idea.  Maybe a good motivator to keep on running.  Or, is having all these races giving me anxiety?  Not sure.   Thank goodness Wendy and I ran today.  A perfect sunny day to pass an hour away.   It was a tough run and knew when I started I was going to struggle.  It's funny, I can judge how the run is going to be by the first mile.  I think because Wendy runs faster than me, I was struggling from the start with my lack of oxygen.  By the end I was using one syllable words.  Two cups of coffee shouldn't of been my only pre-run breakfast.  However, I finished and felt so much better.  So, for me it might just take a couple of weeks to get back to normal running.  Although, I may put a small race on the calendar for December.

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