Sunday, January 9, 2011

Accessories-Putting the Right Pieces Together

Camera Ready
Are we in LA or Portland?

Love it in black or brown.
Beautifully done!
A perfect blend of colors and textures.
Until next time...........

When we (the Willows gals) headed out for dinner and a movie, I told them I was bringing the camera (oh no was there first thought I'm sure).  I knew they wouldn't let me down with their fantastic sense of fashion.  They walked in wearing amazing accessories and POOF there was my inspiration.  Just look how gorgeous my mom, Wendy, Merry and Alex are.  A confident woman knows how to mix several pieces together.  They didn't even plan the animal scarves.  Animal print is so easy to wear and looks fabulous with black or brown. 
A special thanks to Al-Amir Restaurant in Portland, OR for making us feel special. A great experience.


  1. Look how sassy your Mom looks! I love it! She doesn't look a day past 40. You've got some awesome genes and are clearly going to be gorgeous forever!

  2. Thanks Brynne. Yes, she does look amazing.