Friday, September 17, 2010

Transition into Fall Fashions

My great friend Michelle popped into Willows today for a little visit and to grab my favorite lip gloss ever.  I'm a huge fan of wearing lip gloss, always and forever.  Never a moment when I don't have it on or close by for reapplying.  Just makes me feel better.  Anyway, Willows is now carrying the line so I can just reach around the computer and grab some when I'm out.
I took a picture of Michelle as she was leaving the store because she looked AMAZING.  A perfect choice of color, texture and accessories.  A belt, scarf, earrings (you can't see but trust me they are very pretty), hand bag and boots.  Not overdone one bit.

Here in the Northwest we are savoring the last bit of warm weather.  A sweater is still a little too warm and a t-shirt sometimes doesn't satisfy.  This outfit can easily transition into cold weather with a chunky knit sweater tied with the belt she has on.


  1. Way to work it, Michelle! You look wonderful as always :) I miss you girls!