Sunday, September 19, 2010


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I have to thank Wendy for getting me up and running at 6am.  She was running a 20 miler this morning and I needed to get 9 miles in.  With all the craziness of work, new work, kids and basically just life, I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  Mentally I couldn't get past 6 miles by myself.  Thank goodness for a running buddy.  Last year I ran by myself and was quite content with it.  Then, having to train with someone in order to complete a marathon, I started running with Wendy.  Now running almost seems a little empty without a friend by your side.  My friend Melanie always told me it wouldn't be worth the pain if she didn't have a friend to talk to.  Now I know what she means.   
Have you been to Lululemon?  The greatest store for runners or what ever exercise is your feel good choice.  It's eye candy for me.  The colors, textures, and fit are incredible.  With the music blaring it almost made me want to run again (crazy)!!!  Even if I didn't run or exercise I would still love this store.  The jackets would look great with jeans.  Warning:  it's rather expensive but a wonderful place to buy gifts (hint, hint).
Do you see the pillows?  Not only are these lovely things embellished but they have stud detail on them.  How cool.  West Elm has many stylish accessories for the home. 
So, I spilled my vanilla latte on the table where this boot was.  Clumsy me was trying to take a picture (I asked first because it's always polite).  The sales associate I'm sure was not impressed but at least I told her.  Diesel shoes are not everywhere, I was intrigued by the uniqueness and the silver zipper in back.  I know a few gals that would ROCK these.
All in all it was a nice SHOP STYLE RUN day


  1. I agree 100%! Running feels a little empty most of the time without a friend by my side (or one of my kids up ahead on their bikes). Every once in a while it's therapeutic to go alone, but I definitely prefer the buddy system :)

    Fabulous pillows!!

  2. Miss you Brynne, would love to run with you sometime. Maybe your next trip to Vancouver.

  3. What a better way to spend the day...running then shopping! And at some of my favorite stores!! Love, love, love that Lululemon and West Elm are neighbors!