Sunday, September 26, 2010

My LOVE for running and fashion

Yes, that's me on the lovesac.  Getting ready for what I thought was going to be 11 miles and ended up doing 13.  Yippeeee!!!!!!  Love it when I push harder.  I didn't do it alone though.  My friends Wendy and Jenae were there for amazing support.  Both friends are training for Portland Marathon and me, well, trying to push for a PR at the Girlfriend Half Marathon

I do have to say my day wasn't that great.  Lots of worry about family health and just the everyday stresses.  I read some, worked on my blog, tried to write some, read to Ava and finally RAN.  Can I just tell you, nothing beats stress like exercise.   A release of tension and the ability to clear your head.  I'm so blessed to be given the strength and energy to run. 

So, why does this have to do with fashion?  For me it has everything to do with fashion.  Exercise has given me the confidence to do SHOP.STYLE.RUN.  I love buying for Willows, merchandising the store and styling women to look beautiful.

Love yourself entirely.  Let your unique style radiate and empower you to endless possibilities.


  1. oh YAY! i didn't know you blogged Janna! i'll add you right now to my rss feed and my sidebar. :) i'm looking forward to following you here. and great job on the 13 miler!

  2. Thanks Michelle and Megan, when I get my shirts I'll send you one. I would love Idaho to represent