Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Style tips when traveling to LA in CRAZY HEAT.

Posted by PicasaThe first thing I have to say is OH MY it was hot in LA yesterday.  I do normally check the weather before I leave on buying trips for Willows but it didn't happen this time. 
  • Check the weather report before you travel.
  •  Thank goodness I wore a basic Michael Stars black tank.  Yes, that's me in the taxi cab with hair everywhere.  I always have the windows rolled up because my hair goes WILD but considering it was 80 degrees at 9am.  I had to just let it go. 
  • Next time bring a hair tie. 
  • Whenever I travel I always wear really basic colors of tanks or t-shirts.  Accessories are key to travel.  My list includes sunglasses, scarves, earrings and lots of bracelets.  Yes, the person behind me at airport security isn't happy.  I LOVE animal print because it goes with black or brown.  A no brainer when getting ready at 4am. 
  • Always bring a scarf for the plane.  Even when it's hot outside, the airport is cold and having something around your next is just cozy. 
  • My last tip.  Don't wear a strapless NUBRA when it's 110 degrees.  Actually, don't wear it exercising either.  It will literally slip down and be a very embarrassing moment for you.  Or for me, as it was.  I started sweating early on in the day.  Gosh, it doesn't sound so pretty or stylish to say SWEAT.  But really, it is what it is.  BTW, the Nubra is a wonderful invention and I highly recommend it. 
Over all, my buying trip was fabulous.  There continues to be a ton of military inspired accessories.  I even bought a great multi chain necklace with "little bullets" on it.  What's crazy?  It's really cool and available at Willows.


  1. So glad to hear your trip is going well and you didn't completely bake in the heat!! :) I actually was reading all about the military inspired fashion recently! Gosh fashion sure cycles!! :) What other new trends did you see? I want to go on another Trade show!! Vegas a couple years ago was amazing!! :)

  2. The real amazing thing is the accessories. It's how jeans were a few years back. The wholesale market is huge for accessories at all levels of price too. Not everyone can afford a pair of seven jeans but most can have a beautiful scarf for just $20. It makes the shopping experience much more exciting. Hair goods are a huge class too but for the 20 something and younger (just my opinion).