Friday, January 28, 2011

DIY Glitter Shoes

Found a pair of $4 Stuart Weitzman heels at  Deja Vu Consignment

The glue, glitter and broken jewelry
Of course I decorated the lid
Poured the glitter on in sections and let dry
Excess glitter put back into measuring glass to use again
dismantled the jewelry to decide which pieces I would use
Wish I was Martha Stewart
The flower pieces were taken off a necklace
Shall we dance?

 I REALLY have this fascination with GLITTER.  My collection
is growing rather quickly.   Last week I scouted for a pair of shoes to GLAM UP.  My thought was not to spend too much because I had know idea what the finish product would be.  A size 6 aa was what I found in a heel by Stuart Weitzman.  Four dollars was a great deal.  Hannah, my daughter was in luck because they fit her perfectly.  Guess she has a fun pair of dress up shoes to run around the house in.  I'm working on another pair but this time in GOLD.   Here's a sneak peek at them so far. 
Ferragomas for only $5


  1. Thanks Michelle. My girls had fun doing this project too.

  2. You inspire me! I just did it to a pair of heels for a murder mystery party I'm going to this weekend :) Thanks for the idea!

  3. Awesome Brynne. Try it with your girls. Mine loved it.