Monday, January 24, 2011

My $16.99 Vintage Jacket

The PRETTY bag the jacket was packaged in

Jacket was $16.99
My gold bracelets I wear all the time
A few Saturdays ago I had a 30 minute break after leaving work and going to my daughter's soccer game.  My mind needed a little creative spark so I headed to the nearest vintage shop.  Back in the days before I was a buyer for Willows I used to spend hours shopping.  Now I no longer linger for hours.  It doesn't mean I don't enjoy shopping but I've become very good at finding what I like FAST.  The vintage store was a place of new interest for me.  Jackets are my favorite piece of clothing to shop for.  You can wear a solid tee, jeans or trousers and add a great colorful, or textured jacket to make the whole outfit POP.  I styled it fairly simple and would probably add a couple long, gold necklaces and even a scarf.  

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