Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Gold NIKE shoes

These beautiful GOLD NIKE tennis shoes were bought for me as a birthday gift about 6 years ago.  Growing up I always loved unique shoes.  In the 4th grade I had a pair of cobalt blue rubber Keds with faux fur on the inside.  Mr. Moss, my teacher always had some funny comment about them.  Anyway, my Nikes really didn't get worn too much.  At the time, I felt they were a little bright but maybe it was because of my huge size 10 foot.   I decided to place them nicely in my closet.  It wasn't until December that I found myself wearing them with my boyfriend jeans and NIKE zip up jacket.   The trend for metallics keep getting stronger every year.  I LOVE gold jewelry and now you can find it everywhere.  Think twice before you get rid of something, you just might be ahead of the trend.   

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