Sunday, October 3, 2010

Closet Craze by Shop.STYLE.Run

It is imperative I get to know my client before I style and shop for them.  I feel the best way is through their closet.  I know for some it might be hard to open their closets to a stranger.  There is something kind of hush hush about a dark room that's usually shut.  Normally people do not socialize or show their closets to family or friends.  Although, I know a few women, that could host a party in their beautiful, spacious closet.   I remember one woman saying their closet would need to be cleaned out before I could come over.  I say "No Worries". 

Organization is technically not what I do.  I style your closet.  It doesn't matter if the closet is crazy organized or crazy messy.  I style each equally as well.  In fact, the challenge of a messy closet is almost more fun. 
Now, I will say, for the client who has way too much in their closet, like ten pairs of the same black pant or the same cardigan in several colors, it is important to edit those items out so you can see what you have.  I create and style outfits you already have or style the new items we shop for.  There are many options to choose from.

For first time clients I suggest Closet Craze, which is a 3 hr session to edit and purge your outdated and unflattering items.  This part of the session is a team effort. Be prepared to try on many things.  I need to see how things fit.  As we all know, clothes on a hanger don't always look the same on your body.  We will decide together what goes to charity and what items to consign.

An extra bonus to my service is the clean up.  I will always take your clothes out the door to your choice of charity or consignment store.  I will also set up an account for you at the consignment store.  Depending on what items you take, it can actually make you some good money.  I want this experience to be fun and stress free.

Once things are purged, I style.  This is where the "ahhhh" moment comes in.  The best part of my job.  I love showing clients the different and unique ways to wear an item of clothing or how adding an accessory can bring it from day to night.  I will take pictures of all outfits so you won't forget any details.  Upon completion, I will send the photos to your computer or phone.  One client likes pictures sent to her iphone so they are accessible at a moments notice.  This is also convenient when styling for a trip.     

Closet Craze Session 3 hrs..... $300

One closet I'm currently working on

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